User Agreement

Issuers of press releases, not Mass Media Distribution LLC are solely responsible for the accuracy and substance of the content of the press release they submit to us for distribution.


You (the customer) agree to the following:

* That you are authorized to submit the Release to Mass Media Distribution LLC for distribution.
* The content of your Press Release is factually and legally accurate.
* The publication of the content in the Release does not violate any state, federal or common law or other proprietary rights of any third party.
* The Release does not contain any information that is defamatory.

Mass Media Distribution LLC reserves the right to refuse to distribute any press release for any reason.


Positive Feedback from Customers

We reserve the right to publish positive feedback at our website. If you do not want us to quote your positive experiences with our company you must notify us in advance. We will remove any positive feedback from our website if given a 10 day notice


Media Lists:

We do not provide contact info for journalists. When we send you a list of journalists that receive your press release, the only info contained in this report is the name of the media outlet, position of the journalists and subject category that they cover. We do not sell or give away media lists with contact info.


Publicly Traded Companies

We do not send press releases to Yahoo finance, Google finance or any other agency that monitors stocks. We help publicly traded companies by sending press release to journalists that are interested in doing a story.


Customer's Responsibility

In order to get a response from the media, customers must have a press release that journalists find newsworthy, the customer must be available for interview by phone or email, and the press release must be well written. If you do not have experience interacting with the media or writing press releases, we recommend that you use the following service: http://www.massmediadistribution.com/press-release-writing.html


Mass media distribution makes no express or implied promises of publicity or interviews (responses) from any press release. Some releases will get hundreds of interviews. Others will get no interviews at all. The number of interviews (responses) depends on the strength of your news.



All press release prices are for a single press release to be sent out.


Distribution Timing

Press releases are sent Monday through Friday unless special arrangements are made in advance. Any orders placed on Friday will go out on Monday unless special arrangements are made.